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Colep Scitra Aerosols (CSA) is a joint venture between Colep and Scitra (A member of Albatha Home & Personal Care Group), dedicated to the contract manufacturing of aerosol products. Based in Sharjah, UAE, we focus on flexible contract manufacturing solutions in Personal Care, Home Care and Technical categories.

CSA offers full-service, supply chain managed contract manufacturing to its customers, as well as basic filling services supported by a customer directed supply chain.

Combining local team knowledge with vast experience of filling aerosols for more than 50 years, CSA provides a distinctive offer to both regional and multinational customers.

We take care of manufacturing products fully developed by our customers, but we also challenge them to find inspiration in CSA’s ready-to-go products and formulations.


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Colep Scitra Aerosols (CSA)
Building: Global Food Industries
Near: Emirates Road and Al Dhaid Road
Al Sajaa industrial area, Sharjah
United Arab Emirates
PO Box 23079


Email: enquiries@colepscitra.ae
Tel:  +971 6 5311174